5 Foods to Help You Detox Naturally

Detox! You can’t walk into a health food store today without seeing this word touted on countless product labels lining the shelves.

Well, every day we have bombarded with toxins thanks to our modern lifestyles – from the air, we breathe to the water we drink, to the food we eat, to the products we put on our bodies and in our homes.

Foods to Help You Detox

In fact, the CDC estimates that 80% of all illnesses have environmental and lifestyle causes. So read further to know more about detoxification and five foods that can help you detox naturally.

What Can You Do to Detox Naturally?

I recommend a 2-step approach to tame the toxins. The first step is prevention, and this requires some intentional steps.

I do this by eating only organic food, and by making my home as toxin-free as possible. You can minimize the toxins in your home by incorporating the following methods:

Clean your air – I recommend using the Philips Air Purifier in your home and office.

Clean your water – Whether it’s the water you are drinking or bathing in, you can eliminate the toxins in your water by installing filters in your home or by having a full-house filtration system installed.

Buy clean food – Eat only organic food, including organic produce and meats.

Eating foods that support your body’s ability to detox is another great way to flush the toxins from your body.

Let’s take a look at some of the best foods to help you detox naturally.

1. Lemons


Lemons are the go-to fruit for those looking to detox. Full of vitamin C, this antioxidant is great for fighting free-radicals which can have a negative impact on the body.

A slice of lemon in hot water is a simple way to start your detox.

2. Ginger

Ginger contains a large number of antioxidants and provides a good boost to immunity.
Ginger is great if you’ve been overdoing it on junk food or booze. Aside from settling your stomach, ginger can aid digestion, and reduce bloating and gas.

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3. Beetroot


Beetroot massively supports liver detoxification, making it a great detox food.

It also provides a great shot of nutrients in one hit as it is full of magnesium, iron, and vitamin C.

Great for skin, hair, cholesterol levels, and even athletic performance levels, it is no surprise it is referred to as a superfood.

4. Brown Rice

Brown rice is a natural source of vitamins (including B Vitamins, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium and iron) as well as essential fatty acids. It is also high in fiber which plays a vital role in colon cleansing.

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5. Fresh Fruit

Fresh Fruit Detox

Fresh fruits are fiber-rich and can play a key role in a detox diet. Packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants they can help improve digestion as well as your appearance (including skin and hair).

Include in your diet a wide variety of fruit, but especially some of the acid fruits such as grapefruit, pineapples, oranges, and even tomatoes as these are all especially detoxifying.

But Why We’re Overloaded with Toxins?

Your body’s detoxification system is powerful. But in our modern age, it’s also likely under considerable pressure.

Pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, heavy metals, chemicals, and stress can all strain your natural detoxification systems. It’s like one person is mopping the floor while another is stomping around the kitchen in muddy boots.

And toxin exposure starts early. Before we’re even born, in fact. Testing of the umbilical cord blood of newborn babies has revealed an average of over 200 synthetic chemicals. And some of them have carcinogenic potential.

The effects many of these chemicals have on our bodies still aren’t fully understood. Yet evidence ties many of them to health problems.

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